Dave Moss Suspension Evening

Many of you will be familiar with Dave Moss and may also have seen him present at Avon City in the past. For anyone who has not heard of Dave, there are numerous links online to some of his material. Modern motorcycles have a vast array of suspension adjustments to enable bikes to be fine-tuned to the riders’s weight and personal preferences - but how many of us will
actually know how to go about doing this?

To help with the ins and outs of tuning and such we will be hosting an evening with Dave on Tuesday 6th March here at the Avon City Showroom, enjoy coffee and a catch up with us!
Dave has an incredible amount of experience in motorcycle set-up and is always great value with his advice and guidance on how to set your bike up in terms of suspension sag/pre-load, damping and general ergonomics. He travels the world educating riders and spending time annually and setting up both road and race bikes to achieve optimum handling for their owners. 

Dave will also be going over the differences and pros and cons between BPF & BFF forks, which should be very interesting.
The evening will consist of a presentation by Dave - including the use of bikes in the showroom to illustrate the mechanincs and adjustments available, and of course there will be plenty of
oppourtunities for questions and answers during the session. It’s a great oppourtunity to learn and interact with one of the experts.
Numbers will be limited so please reserve your spot now by calling the team at ACM.

The entrance fee has been discounted to just $20 per person. The night is expected to run through to 8pm. At the end of the presentation, Dave will be offereing to set up bikes for
individual rider - this personalised service is just $60 per bike and due to time constraints, bike set-ups will be by prior booking only - when booking your place on the evening please also book in your bike if you would like Dave to set it up for you.
Payment for the event should be made prior to or at the start of the evening - cash would be appreciated as Dave does not have EFTPOS here in New Zealand.